How does Trade Your Space Work?

Trade Your Space is an online peer to peer marketplace platform for types of space For Sale, Rent, Lease, Hire or is a Social-space. It designed to connect people with space to people who are looking for space. You can search or list space in a large selection of mainstream and niche categories along with sell items which relate to that category. To see ALL category options, go to homepage and at top, click on "categories" for an easy overview page. You can now also sell a selected range of household and general items in the Declutter Your Space category so you can clear your storage space at home.

To trade your space:

-Click on Post a Listing, choose the "correct" category section and fill out the required information.Make sure you verify the email we send you automatically if you are signing up for 1st time (this means please check your spam folder as well to confirm it). There is only 2 pages to create a listing.  When finished creating your listing, Make sure you press "Publish" otherwise it cant be approved to be seen on the website.

Note: You can edit your listing at anytime to update any information. If your space becomes no longer available, please click on Edit and click on "Unpublish". This then removes it from the Live listings on the website. If your space becomes available again, you can go back and click "Publish" to make it appear live again. If you need your listing removed from the website, please send us a message with your details and listing.

*Please make sure you have at least 1 photo when creating a listing so it attracts more viewers and saves less questions needing to be asked by interested people. Also put an address into the google map section so it can appear correctly on the map. (The address you place is not visable-it will show up with a blue highlight circle on it).


What is my relationship with Trade Your Space and any user/host on our platform?

Trade Your Space is a peer to peer marketplace for people to trade spaces between people who have space and people looking for space. Trade Your Space does not own or supply any spaces. Your relationship as a user or host is between yourselves and a separate relationship with Trade Your Space Limited with our terms and policies. It is advisable for both parties (renter/hosts) depending on the type of category space and any need for an agreement or to check identification and verify stored goods if it relates to storage or are not breaching the legal terms agreed and the law. If there is any serious discrepancy to trust the identity of a person, business or social space they are advertising, please contact us. Your safety is important.


What are the costs to list space?

We have currently 2 types of Listings:


These are selected space categories where space can be listed and booked through our platform and we take 15% from the payment of a confirmed booked space. This currently consists of our commission fee and a processing fee from our payment processing partner Stripe. The space host receives the balance of the booking price.

*Currently we have turned off the commission fees.


*Currently we have turned off the listing fees. 


What can I list?

There is a wide range of categories you can view here. We encourage our space hosts to think creatively and outside the box of what can be classed as rentable, useable or social space. Please note we have more amazing space categories coming in the future as we grow our platform so watch this space!


What can I store?

*Refers to storage category. What you store is subject to the space host’s preference and no items under the prohibited goods act.

Prohibited Goods: To do so, or attempt to do so will be deemed as a direct breach of the contract and trade your space limited terms and policies.  Weapons of any sort, firearms, ammunitions, explosives or incendiary devices; hazardous and/or combustible goods or materials: any toxic, polluted, contaminated or radioactive goods or materials; be they live or dead, any plants or animals; food or perishable goods; any items that are damp, mouldy, rotten, decomposing or infested with or damaged by insects or parasites; or any item that emits fumes or any form of strong odour; cash, securities, precious metals or precious stones; stolen or illegal goods; any waste or waste products; or any items or materials whose storage or presence would nullify any insurance policy that would otherwise provide cover for the stored items.

You should always check with the space host before storing any item that may not be legally allowed or wanted by the host. Breaching any form of the agreement between you and the host or any New Zealand law can result in the contract being voided and legal action taken.  No refund will be liable to be made for any such breach. Trade Your Space Limited can also, at its sole discretion, remove you from its platform and refer any information to either party or law enforcement subject to privacy laws for any legal or civil action.


How do I get paid?

This related to Commission based categories only. All other categories are between business and user.

*As a host on our platform under "commission based categories only" for any accepted bookings, you will be paid via Stripe, our online payment partner. You will receive the funds approx. 4 working days from the payment date. Make sure you have put your account details into your profile’s account payment section (located in your dashboard area) so you can receive payments. (Note: This is only needed for commission based listings).

For all other categories, payments are direct between the host & user completely separate to Trade Your Space.


How do I pay for booking a space?

If you are booking a space in one of our commission based bookable categories, your payment to the space host will be made through Trade Your Space Limited via our online payment partner Stripe. For all other listing, you deal direct with the space host.


How long can I rent space for?

The space host defines the availability each individual space is available to rent which you can see on the calendar on each listing. Some spaces may have a minimum and/or maximum rental period of which you see the information by the host in the listing information.


Can I cancel a booking?

Note: For commission based listings. You can cancel your booking anytime up until 24 hours to your booking date/time, subject to the the space host’s terms. These terms may include set cancellation fees which will be stated on the listing description.

For all other general listings, you must deal directly with the business involved regarding any booking you have made with them.


How long does my listing’s stay active for?

Your listing’s stay active for the length of time you chose.. You can unpublish your listing at any time via your dashboard in the 'listings' section.


How am I protected as a host or user?

*This only refers to certain categories. Eg: Storage. Depending on the type of space you are renting or using, it may be covered by contents insurance or liability insurance. We recommend checking with your insurance provider about your own situation. Trade Your Space Limited takes no responsibility for any damage or loss/theft to goods or property caused by either the space provider, user or third party under any circumstances. We also take no responsibility for any monetary loss.

We recommend hosts & renters have a signed contract in place where appropriate depending on your listing type, users can be asked to agree to this before booking a space. Conditions or the ‘terms’ of rental, use  and access should always be clearly listed and agreed to between the user and host before booking is accepted as it will form part of your legal agreement.(hosts should upload a picture or have a link to any terms & conditions in their listing description. Breaching an agreement will result in Trade Your Space Limited taking action on your membership with us in any form it deems fit.