www.tradeyourspace.co.nz was created with a mision & purpose in mind. To have a website where businesses, individuals and the community can advertise to promote or find available spaces on a local & national platform all with an Important Purpose.
Our mission is to open up the pathway to transform how the world looks at what is and what can be classed as business, community or social space” with a wide range of categories.
Our longterm purpose is to have this venture be converted into a Social enterprise and be used a a vehicle to raise funds with future revenue streams, donation & sponsrship partners to go towards helping people and programs dealing with Mental Illness & Suicide Prevention.  This is a very serious issue in our country and one that affects the founder of this new venture personally. We need your support to make this new website a real success. Join us today and Trade Your Space with PURPOSE.
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If you are someone who would like to join our venture who can bring valuable vision, passion and attention to our ultimate mission then please reach out to us at  [email protected]
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