Perfect spot in Motukarara


Hi Tiny house community. We have just bought a stunning property in Motukarara. There are some perfect spots for 2 tiny houses or bus's looking for long term parking.

The property has high hedges both on the boundaries and internally so lots of privacy. There are ornamental ponds, loads of fruit trees, heaps of room for chickens, veggie gardens, bees and possibly share in a few sheep or cows.

We have two boys 4 and 9 who go to Steiner school in the city. We would love families to come but are open to any nice, ecologically sound people.

I envisage that tiny houses will run their own compost toilets and power. We can provide use of washing machines and driers and somewhere to plug a deep freezer or fridge into at the main building in the garage. We will also be developing a lovely barn into a gathering point and somewhere to run workshops from. Also we will have a workshop of sorts set up and access to tools and building space to the right people.

I will post some photos after the next visit out there this Sunday. Looking forward to meeting up and working out how we can make it work for you! And us :)

Rob, Kristie, Moss and Fenn

Rob & Kristie


Posted 1 year ago

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