Down to Earth NZ Eco-retreat


Come to stay in one of purpose landscaped private spots with your Campervan or tent. Choose from a wide range of spots under trees, in glades and by one of many streams.

A caravan and a converted container are also available to rent.

Down to Earth NZ will provide a sustainable, unique and eco-friendly retreat and educational experiences surrounded by beautiful and rural countryside in the historic Waimate North valley. The land boasts of large stands of native trees, 140 established olive trees, an orchard and two streams with several tributaries and spring fed lakes within the undulating property boundaries.

A large scale permaculture project is underway with stage 1 and 2 complete of an ecological paradisic production garden and orchard featuring a winding stream and quirky features.

Down to Earth NZ will attract Visitors, schools and corporations wanting more from their experience including retreats, educational visits and community minded experiences. Our guests will seek adventure and Zen, they will want to explore and discover.

More than above mentioned, Down to Earth NZ will also be a wedding and events venue, hosting conferences, workshops and seminars in sustainable future and eco-build as well as offer a range of art and wellness classes lead by local instructors.

We are plamting the full range of Māori medicinal plants for local experts who are practised in Rongua and a huge range of Harakeke stock for weavers to demonstrate their craft.

The next year we want to work with creatives to make an established yearly event for artists Symposiums so we can accomodate artists and display their works in an open community inspired weekend open day.

Down to Earth NZ will provide visitors and guests with the option of booking excursions and experiences through us.

This additional aspect of our concept JOURNEY, EXPLORE, DISCOVER is what will set us apart from our nearest competitors. Whether it is a journey of inner equilibrium and peace or physical adventures in nature, we will provide advice and opportunities such as outdoor massage, meditation and yoga classes in our own forest; photography, art and sculpture classes; horse treks and deep water fishing and route and sightseeing recommendations all to the related experts in their field.

Furthermore, the aim of Down to Earth NZ is to become a center for sustainability and eco-environmental progress in future builds and methods. By hosting and inviting professional peers to hold a great selection of seminars and workshops, our aim is to offer groups and individuals the opportunity to join in the discussions of sustainable development and the future. This means that Down to Earth NZ not only caters for the tourists and travellers but also for international, national and local conference and seminar-goers.

We will also be offering visitors of the future a bar area and several options for the ceremony whether in a glade surrounded by large native trees or on a hill overlooking the unspoiled valley. We also have several options for the wedding reception locations including a great list of personally tried and trusted vendors who can supply everything from food to music.

Find us on FB or insta Downtoearthnz and message us there!

Simon Berry


Posted 1 month ago

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