Wanted to lease 10+acres 4 tiny home and animals


Hi, we are a family of 4 currently leasing a tiny home on a small campground. Our livestock is grazed currently at 2 different locations away from our house/caravan.

We are wanting find a big piece of land of 10acres or more to lease 12 months minimum to live on with our lil house (mum, dad and 2 kids aged 11 & 16) and to utilize land for our livestock. In North canterbury preferably near cust but any options will be considered

Our lil house only requires power and water, so access to a power plug( just a caravan one is fine )and a normal water tap. We will of course the monthly power bill from wat we use. But mostly will use gas for water and heating etc. Our lil septic toilet is manually emptied . Thanks



Posted 2 weeks ago

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