Organic Farm lease or land 4 sale


Hello ,

we are seeking to talk soon and we can email each other as well.


thanks for your application here you can call me for a chat and use my


 [email protected] , 0220718053 ,

please send any info about what you can say to us to show suitable ways to

work & Live in healthy lifestyle on site on a large 369 Ac farm in mountains


We seek around 6 to 10 couples or singles on site as we want a village style

retreat and pop up work shops for Helping THE Kiwi Community De-Stress and

Manage correctly the impacts on Environments, we have alot to offer and to

lose if we get things wrong , SO 1st is right persons for land care /

lifestyle and make income to thrive past 2021. everything is hard work or

costly here as we have to make 240V power for fridge and freezer house ware

and office plus workshop and take care of waste to above TDC codes.

Water supply is Bore or rain and wonderful All most unlimited from 2 rain

Belts. road Access is not best, So 4x4 is needed , and we have to look after

roads and drains and back plant when we make earth works , we have now a

rage of professionals with skill sets that is most helpful for future Life

we look forwards to hearing from you , please note this is mostly for the

children's of future.

Now we can set that up with a 2022 New Build and Latest Techniques Solar

and Hydro Virgin Organic Soil. NEW Food Farm Methods wanted.

We live beside here



thanks BAZ



Posted 3 weeks ago

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